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The Best Indian & Thai Restaurants in and Near South Petherton

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Among all the delicious cuisines in the world, the demand for South Asian cuisines, such as Indian and Thai cuisines, is increasing worldwide on a regular basis. This demand is no-less in South Petherton, and that’s why, in and near this beautiful village, you will find many Indian and Thai restaurants. And we, Lopen Raj, are one of them. If you want to dine in the best Indian or Thai restaurant in South Petherton, stay tuned as we dive into our recommendations for the best restaurants that serve delectable Thai and Indian food.

1. Lopen Raj Continental

If you want to enjoy the best of the two cuisines, Thai and Indian, we assure you that Lopen Raj will exceed your expectations. We are a South Petherton-based restaurant, and we serve a wide variety of Indian and Thai foods. Our menu caters to the needs of everyone. So, if you want to experience the flavor of authentic Indian and Thai foods in the same place, you can trust us.
You may wonder why we are so confident. It is because of our repeat customers and the effort we put into satisfying all our customers.
On a side note, we also serve delicious Japanese food. So, if you want to try some mouthwatering dishes, reserve your table now.

2. Cardamom

Cardamom, located at 49 Bow St., Langport, TA10 9PQ, is a classic Indian restaurant. A group of food lovers who wanted to share their love of Indian cuisine with the world opened this restaurant. Cardamom takes great pride in giving its customers an unforgettable dining experience that embodies the savory flavors and traditions of Indian food.
The menu of this restaurant is carefully crafted to showcase the best of Indian cooking, which is both healthy and mouthwatering. So, if you are a die-hard fan of Indian cuisine or simply want to taste the best Indian dishes and live near Langport, be sure to visit this place.

3. Rajpoot

Rajpoot restaurant, located in Taunton, TA1 4AW, was recently recommended, and rightfully so, by The Times’ list of the best curry houses in the UK. They serve authentic Indian food with a modern twist. They offer a wide range of dishes and the perfect service for the perfect dining experience. From their beautifully creamy korma to their fiery phall, they have food to satisfy every taste. To wash it down, you can also drink Indian beers and other excellent quality wines from their licensed bar.

4. Lotus Flower Thai Restaurant

This Thai restaurant in Taunton serves the highest quality Thai food and uses only the freshest ingredients. The menu of this restaurant is extensive, and you can also customize meals according to your needs. They also provide a lot of catering for vegetarians and visitors with special dietary requirements.

5. Thai Mango Restaurant & Bar

Three Best Rated listed this restaurant as one of the top 3 Thai restaurants in South Somerset. This restaurant has an innovative concept that makes use of the lovely bar and separate dining area. Here, customers have the option to simply order a drink at the bar, order Thai snacks to go with their drink, or dine in the restaurant for a mouthwatering, authentic Thai meal.